About Us

Starting as so many companies do as a spin off, in 1987 Okuma had humble beginnings. The founders came with decades of fishing tackle manufacturing experience, and although small, Okuma has always been a different kind of company. Under the leadership of the president and owner Charles Chang, the company has had a vision and a focus. In the last twenty years this vision has gained in its intensity. Today Okuma is a driven company with an extremely diverse, loyal and motivated group of employees, agents and customers – all of whom recognize something special happening here.

With today’s natural resources becoming more and more precious, so does our time outdoors. Regardless of location or target species, our time on the water is at a premium. Okuma’s goal is to enhance that time and experience by providing dynamic tackle that will become a seamless part of the overall angling experience. “Design driven by technique” is the key in developing rods and reels that push the angling experience.

Okuma does not look for inspiration from other manufacturers; instead we find inspiration in anglers. From the weekend warrior to tournament pros, we are committed to your needs. We have established a network of Okuma agents around the world. More than a sales channel, these agents are an integral part of Okuma and part of our family. As a manufacturer, we have a unique relationship with the field. We are constantly in and around fishing tackle all over the globe, listening, learning and fishing. We recognize key elements missing in the field and strive to develop them. We see a world of anglers, who want quality, reliability and the latest technology.

Never wanting to limit your possibilities, Okuma creates the tools to unlock endless angling possibilities.

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