Okuma Goes “Into the Blue”

Makaira and Cedros products have been building small, dedicated fan bases in some of the premiere sport fishing locations in the world.  Secret no more, it’s time to go mainstream.  Showcasing the advanced designs and performance of Makaira and Cedros families of product, it’s our pleasure to have sponsored Into the Blue television for 2011.

For us, it all comes down to the hosts.  Captains Scott Walker and Steve Roger are each incredible anglers with experience second to none, and even more importantly perhaps, they like to have a good time on the water.

There are a lot anglers out there with premium skills, but to be able to deliver a first rate experience while keeping it fun and enjoying the comaraderie… that’s worth watching.  Of course, rich HD filming on some of the earth’s most beautiful waters doesn’t hurt either.

Based out of the Florida Keys, the show is spoiled with world-class fisheries immediately available at a moment’s notice.  And if you’ve ever wondered just how good the fishing is there… it’s all you’ve heard and more.

Into the Blue airs on the Versus network Saturdays at 1pm est, 10am pst.  If you miss the Saturday air time, catch it on Tuesday at 10:30am est (7:30am pst), Wednesdays at 3pm est (12pm pst) and Thursdays at 11:30am est (8:30am pst).

We’ve asked them to put Makaira, Cedros spinning, Cedros lever drags and Cedros Coastal rods through a torture test captured on film… and from the looks of the recently received photos taken during filming, they’re doing a heck of a job!

Here’s just a quick sneak peak of what the season has to offer.  Catch up with missed episodes at:  http://www.intotheblue.tv/

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