Okuma Sponsored 6-Day on the Big Game 90!

Okuma and the Big Game 90 have teamed up for a 6-day trip departing June 29.  The regular trip rate is $1799 + permits and taxes.  The special sponsored rate is $1199, including all food, permits and taxes.  Demo equipment will be available so anglers can try the new Okuma lineup of offshore reels and rods!

The Okuma Sponsored 6-day departs San Diego June 29!

Grand prizes for on board events include a new Makaira MK-20II two speed reel, a Cavalla CA-15II two speed offshore reel and a Cedros CLD-15S high speed offshore reel!

Irv from the Big Game 90 posted this itenerary:

“The itinerary would go something like this
Depart San Diego on June 29 @ 7pm start fishing offshore on the morning of the 30th looking for albacore and bluefin. Arrive at Cedros or San Benitos in the am of the July 1.
Fish yellows for 2 days then head back offshore looking more tuna and albacore for a couple more days. Arrive home at 4pm on the 5th.
as far as size of the fish. That can very greatly as anyone knows but god willing the albacore could range from 15lb to 35+ lb. the yellows at Cedros range in size fron 10 to 40lbs and bluefin can reach the 150lb class. as on any longer trip it’s best to be prepaired for most any thing. I would recomend that you bring at least 4 outfits a 15/20lb.bait, 25/30lb bait, 40lb.jig & a 50/60lb 2 speed outfit if you have it.
Remember OKUMA will have an assortment of these outfits for you to try out.also the BIG GAME rents 4 rod packages that use OKUMA rods and reels.please see two post that i have made the first is hints for makeing your trip better and i am posting our tackle recomandations this morning
hope this helps see you on the water.”

Find complete trip and booking information here:  http://www.biggame90.net/screamin-deals/okuma-sponsored-6-day-trip

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