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Okuma Sponsored 6-Day on the Big Game 90!

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Okuma and the Big Game 90 have teamed up for a 6-day trip departing June 29.  The regular trip rate is $1799 + permits and taxes.  The special sponsored rate is $1199, including all food, permits and taxes.  Demo equipment will be available so anglers can try the new Okuma lineup of offshore reels and rods!

The Okuma Sponsored 6-day departs San Diego June 29!

Grand prizes for on board events include a new Makaira MK-20II two speed reel, a Cavalla CA-15II two speed offshore reel and a Cedros CLD-15S high speed offshore reel!

Irv from the Big Game 90 posted this itenerary:

“The itinerary would go something like this
Depart San Diego on June 29 @ 7pm start fishing offshore on the morning of the 30th looking for albacore and bluefin. Arrive at Cedros or San Benitos in the am of the July 1.
Fish yellows for 2 days then head back offshore looking more tuna and albacore for a couple more days. Arrive home at 4pm on the 5th.
as far as size of the fish. That can very greatly as anyone knows but god willing the albacore could range from 15lb to 35+ lb. the yellows at Cedros range in size fron 10 to 40lbs and bluefin can reach the 150lb class. as on any longer trip it’s best to be prepaired for most any thing. I would recomend that you bring at least 4 outfits a 15/20lb.bait, 25/30lb bait, 40lb.jig & a 50/60lb 2 speed outfit if you have it.
Remember OKUMA will have an assortment of these outfits for you to try out.also the BIG GAME rents 4 rod packages that use OKUMA rods and reels.please see two post that i have made the first is hints for makeing your trip better and i am posting our tackle recomandations this morning
hope this helps see you on the water.”

Find complete trip and booking information here:

Serrano Gets Two Thumbs Up From Tackle Tour!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

We’ve been happy to put the all-new Serrano low-profile baitcast reel in front of all members of the fishing press. is one of the most recent to take us up on our offer. And like we expect, the reel shines. tests the Serrano in combination with an Okuma C3 rod.

Some of the highlights from

“One of the very notable retrieve metrics that the Serrano excelled in was the anti-reverse. The anti-reverse roller bearing does an excellent job setting quickly under extreme torque, and delivered immediate response unlike many other more expensive reels. Over the course of our field tests the brass gearing held up very well and the aluminum right hand sideplate did an excellent job holding the master gearing in perfect alignment. With a standard 6.2:1 retrieve ration the Serrano can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from burning spinnerbaits to finesse fishing plastics. The reel is so small that I found it very good for palming applications where the smaller profile really seemed to disappear in the palm of my hand. ”

A nice 5-pound largemouth for the testing crew!

” In the lab the Serrano was able to generate 11.3lbs of drag pressure at full lockdown which is slightly higher than the published specification. The new multi-disc carbonite drag system does a great job providing smooth stopping power…”

“Weighing in at only 7.2oz. the Serrano is light, how light? Try .4 ounces lighter than the Shimano Curado E and even .2oz lighter than the tiny Daiwa Sol. It features machine cut brass gearing and manages to pack in 10BB + 1RB some of which are Japanese ABEC-5 class. The rubber knobs on the Serrano might be a tad small for some anglers but they are ergonomically shaped and I found them to be comfortable both when slow fishing plastics as well as fast cranking reaction baits.”

See the complete review here:

The Makaira Revolution- See the book online!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

The Makaira family includes sizes from 10 to 80-wide.

The Cedros family of high-speed, single speed lever drags includes three sizes: 10, 15 and 20.

The release of the all-new Makaira family of two-speed offshore reels and the single speed Cedros offshore reels has certainly captured a lot of attention!

Of course, the questions follow, “What’s the difference between push-bar and pull bar drag systems?” “Why is the thrust bearing important?” “What grade of materials are used?”

They’re all great questions.  And to make the answers as easy as possible, we’ve uploaded our 24 page Makaira booklet online.  Within it, all aspects of design are detailed.  From materials, to drag systems, to gearing, to finish.

While the book focuses on the Makaira, the Cedros family of high-speed, single-speed lever drags share the same advancements in design and construction.

To view the book, simply click here: